Writing Services

Laura Cotton has over ten years of experience writing, editing, proofreading, and coaching individuals. She has a wide variety of services available to fit the needs of your specific project.

Some of these services include:

** Co-Writing - Laura will co-write your novel or screenplay with you. Clients who choose co-writing need to be fully dedicated to their projects and have a strong concept.

 ** Coaching - Laura will read your materials and provide you with guidance.

** Editing/Proofreading - Laura will edit your materials ensuring that they are free of grammatical errors and that they express ideas in a clear, concise manner.

** Screenwriting - Laura is available for screenplay consults. She can also assist in turning novels or stories into viable screenplays.

** Novel writing - Laura works with novelists on a weekly basis. By working on just a few pages a week, you will make significant progress towards your goal of writing a novel.

** Other services as requested. Laura is often asked to proofread technical reports, manuals, brochures and other materials.

Prices for each service are based upon the amount of work requested. Contact Laura Cotton and provide specific details on your project.