Novel Writing

Writing a novel can be a very daunting process. Studies show that the majority of people who begin writing a novel never complete it. There are also individuals who dream of writing a novel but simply do not have the time, talent, craft or skills neccessary to do so.

Laura Cotton, MFA, MA is a professional writing coach who can help you achieve your writing goals. Her first step is to develop a structured plan specifically created for your project's needs. This plan will include:

** Individual phone consults - 1 hour telephone conversations in which you and Laura discuss your project and make plans for future progress.

** Proof-reading - Laura will proofread your pages and provide both content and grammatical suggestions.

** Idea Suggestions - Laura will write 1-2 emails a week offering you constructive ideas on how best to improve your novel.

** Rewriting - Laura will rewrite pages that need to be reworked. This is one of the more expensive options available, as it requires the most time.

** Ghostwriting - Laura is available for ghostwriting, but asks that you credit her as a co-writer. Again, this is one of the more expensive options available.

Please contact Laura at for more information. Pricing is based upon the type and amount of work requested by the client.