Writing Coaching

A writing coach is someone who listens to your ideas, offers you advice, and can inspire and encourage you. A writing coach can add a higher level of expertise and knowledge to your writing ventures. Laura Cotton has 10 years of experience coaching individuals about how to improve their writing and make it more marketable. Coaching is an individualized process and can take many forms. Most people who hire Laura as a writing coach send her written pages each week for her to read and evaluate. Then she discusses these pages over the phone or through email.

Writing Coaching typically involves an evaluation of written materials. This evaluation consists of the following:

1) Idea Evaluation

2) Format/Form Evaluation

3) Story or concept feedback

4) Marketability

5) Overall content

6) Dialogue/Setting/Theme/Character Remarks

Writing Coaching consists of 1 hour sessions and is available on a weekly basis through telephone chats or email correspondance. Contact Laura at LauraWriter@gmail.com for more information.