Laura has written numerous non-fiction book proposals, non-fiction books, book reviews, magazine articles, blogs, and web pages. In the past year she has written for Memphis Health and Fitness, Memphis Parent Magazine,, and The Daily Helmsman.

Laura specializes in the following topics:

** Nutrition
** Exercise and Physical Fitness
** Optimal Health and Lifestyle
** Self-Help
** Relationships - Children, Marriage, and Dating
** Aging gracefully
** Managing your finances
** Dancing (all types)
** Academic publications
** Yoga
** Film
** Gardening
** Music
** Biographies and Auto-Biographies
** Memoirs
** Fashion, Design, and Shopping
** Women's Studies
** Philosophy
** Historical Books
** Photography (including caption writing)
** Current Events
** Interior Design
** Cooking

Laura is available for ghost-writing, but requests that you credit her as a co-writer.